About This Site

What DOES it take to semi-retire? The 21st century workforce is being run by a much younger generation. Living in that world requires a change of perspective, to say the least. This site was created to help all of you visitors to this site answer that question together.

What experience do you have that can be shared in this site? Please email me at the link below. I will eventually publish a newsletter which should provide valuable insights based on your collective feedback.

I’ve been a member of AARP for many years. AARP is not affiliated with this site. I do appreciate their lobbying efforts here in the US. 

We in the United States are flooded with a lot of Expat (American) information about living an idyllic life outside of the United States. 

I especially welcome any non-US visitors to elaborate on their idea of semiretirement in whichever country they live. I know of a few YouTube channels devoted to Expat living, which I'm happy to share with you.